Guadeloupe National Park


Project Description


The Guadeloupe National Park ensures the preservation of highly diversified ecosystems, which extend from the marine depths of the Leeward Coast and the Grand Cul-de-Sac-Marin to the summit of the Soufriere volcano.

It aims to protect the hot spot of biodiversity of the Caribbean islands, thus housing a particularly rich fauna and flo

It is a protected area composed of a multitude of different ecosystems, characteristic of tropical environments.


The objective was to produce several videos that answer several questions.

What are the main missions of the Guadeloupe National Park regarding biodiversity?

What are the relationships between the Guadeloupe National Park and its partners, such as the Coastal Conservatory, the Regional Biodiversity Agency, the Maritime Cluster, and the City of Abymes?


3 videos of more than three minutes each


June 2022